VALA Events 2019: Solving Wicked Problems with Data and Creativity

  • 21 Nov 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online webinar
  • 75


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VALA Events 2019: November Guest Speaker Webinar

Topic: Solving Wicked Problems with Data and Creativity - How libraries can work with GovHack to change the world

This year marks the 10th anniversary for GovHack. This presentation will showcase some of the highlights from the last 10 years of hackathon competitions and talk about GovHack's goals for 2020 and beyond.

What is GovHack, what sorts of problems does GovHack help to solve, and what sort of people get involved in GovHack?

Katie Hannan, Board Director of GovHack Australia, will answer these questions and will explain how the organisation works with governments to spread the message about FAIR principles and the value of open data.

Guest Speaker: Katie Hannan is a Company Board Director at GovHack Australia. 

By day Katie Hannan works at CSIRO as a Data Librarian, by night she is the current Secretary of the Board of Directors at GovHack. She is passionate about storytelling, cultural history projects, linking people with information and helping to facilitate learning experiences. Katie has a background working in higher education, eResearch and projects.

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